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The Leadership Pre-Requisites

Playlist - The Leadership Pre-Requisites

How do CIO’s enter and stay in learning mode, set challenging learning goals, experiment, and reflect on the results to learn? their routine workdays are challenging enough with no support like academic or crash courses available to them. they need to, however, keep learning to grow as a leader to expect and respond to emerging challenges and it needs to happen through constant experimentation and experiences as part of the work day. Moreover, with shifting priorities as well as a rapidly changing business dynamics, no map is enough for guidance. what kind of compass would you need, for inspiring your troops, have them follow you, and deliver the intended results?

Leading today’s increasingly dynamic and complex organizations is too big a job for one person. Shared Leadership has its challenges and can be difficult to put in place. But, it holds a lot of promise. How can organizations successfully adopt shared leadership model to enjoy its many benefits?



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