The 2019 CIO Agenda

The 2019 CIO Agenda

Leadership - The 2019 CIO Agenda

With most organizations well on their way to embedding digital in the DNA of their organizations, what’s on the CIO Agenda for 2019? How do they plan to support volatile and growing business capability demands reliably without breaking the bank?


Lawanda Parnell, Chief Information Officer, Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC)

Lawanda Parnell is the Chief Information Officer at Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) located in Johnson City, Texas. Lawanda joined PEC in November 2012. Prior to joining PEC, Lawanda was Senior Director and interim CIO at CPS Energy... More   View all posts

Helen Constantinides, Chief Information Officer, AVBOB

Helen Constantinides is the Chief Information Officer at AVBOB. Her career started in her third year of her degree. She was asked to lecture while completing her studies, and says this gave her a head start in the direction she wanted to go... More   View all posts
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