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Challenges of Big Data

Playlist - Challenges of Big Data

As the variety and number of data sources being harvested increases, there are many opportunities for errors to creep into the process of creating actionable insights. And when multiple people interpret one set of data very differently, what should be the way to ensure that the insights distilled from the data, can be trusted?

Big Data skills are very valuable, but the massive flux of new openings within IT organizations raise concerns for finding the right talent. An equal challenge is in defining the various Big Data roles for the organization and industry, given the broad variety of skills and competencies that maintaining Big Data will require. How exactly does a Big Data job differ from something related to “analytics,” “statistics” or a “data scientist?” What approaches on the whole will help integrate Big Data hiring into regular IT staffing duties? when will it become a part of mainstream analysis culture?

There are unlimited benefits from having real-time analytics embedded in their organizational workflow and decision making, but how are we currently approaching building or buying this capability?


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