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Security - Managing IoT Security

IoT devices enabled by analytics and AI, sensing, reactions, and adjustments no longer need human attention, intervention, or awareness. And, with companies deploying many tens of thousands of such devices and endpoints, the attack surface is...

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Playlist - Your City Smarts
Innovation IoT Playlist

Your City Smarts

How measurably smart have such cities become? What are the lessons for the cities that are just getting started? Listen to our specially curated...

IoT - Getting Ready for IoT

Getting Ready for IoT

While IoT may be seen as a key building block for future digital business, how can a CIO express its value proposition and relevance in business...

Security - Securing a Smart City
IoT Security

Securing a Smart City

While the times demand making our cities smart leveraging innovation in water, waste, and infrastructure management using IoT (Internet of Things)...

Playlist - IoT is the Future
Innovation IoT Playlist

IoT is the Future

Enterprises across the world are already seeing the huge benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) in the commercial space. And gradually, IoT is entering...

IoT - The Rise of Fog Computing
Cloud IoT

The Rise of Fog Computing

Cloud Computing has introduced transformative possibilities into IT departments around the globe, and increasingly the push is being made such that...


Hexaware 5 - Automation to Autonomous MPU 250X300



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