What would it take for "collective intelligence" to become a reality?

What Would it Take For “Collective Intelligence” to Become a Reality?

Cloud - What Would it Take For “Collective Intelligence” to Become a Reality?

Collective Intelligence is a mix of cloud computing and crowd computing where both infrastructures are working optimally. However, cloud computing has issues related to security and privacy, while crowd computing solutions still need improvement in the way they moderate opinion, resolve conflict, and check facts. If we could just get past these issues, we could create a powerful collective intelligence out of a symbiotic relationship of computers, software, and humans. Is this possible? What would it take to make it happen?


Steven Rubinow, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, NYSE EURONEXT

Steve Rubinow is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, NYSE Euronext. He is responsible for most technology endeavors at the company. Prior to joining NYSE Euronext, Mr. Rubinow was Chief Technology Officer of Archipela... More   View all posts
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