Trust IT Vendors at your own peril!

Trust IT Vendors at Your Own Peril!

General - Trust IT Vendors at Your Own Peril!

When it comes to hot new technologies that are still immature or just challengingly complex, how can an internal IT department develop the necessary criteria to avoid being taken for a ride by a vendor? How does IT Leadership keep a healthy skepticism about what a vendor is doing, when they themselves may have only a tenuous grip on the technology?


Mark Katz, VP Global IT and Chief Information Officer, Esselte Corp

Mark Katz is Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Esselte Corporation. In this role he is responsible for IT applications and operations worldwide. Esselte is a leading global office supplies manufacturer, and holds dominant pos... More   View all posts

Dr. Janis L. Gogan, Professor, Information & Process Management, Bentley College, Waltham, MA

Dr. Janis L. Gogan holds EdM, MBA, and DBA degrees from Harvard University. A member of the Information & Process Management faculty at Bentley College, she teaches IT management and conducts field-based research on complex IT projects,... More   View all posts
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