The Essential CIO

The Essential CIO

CXO - The Essential CIO

A versatilist survives by being able to do everything. A competitor survives by being better than others. A chameleon disappears into any environment. All are survival strategies of sorts. But what exactly is it that defines a CIO who can be plugged in anywhere and be successful, survive and thrive? What are the elusive, defining qualities of the essential CIO?


Marlin Mackey, Chief Information Officer, Department of Information Technology, state of New Mexico

The New Mexico State Senate unanimously confirmed Governor Bill Richardson's nomination of Secretary Marlin Mackey to lead the Department of Information Technology on March 9, 2009. "Marlin Mackey's extensive experience, on both the public ... More   View all posts

Steven John, Chief Information Officer, H.B. Fuller Company

Currently Steven is the Global CIO of H. B. Fuller, a specialty chemical manufacturer. The company spans 35 countries, and its adhesive, sealant, paint and other specialty chemical products reach customers in nearly 100 nations. Prior to H... More   View all posts
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