Steps to Maximizing the AI Opportunity

Steps to Maximizing the AI Opportunity

AI - Steps to Maximizing the AI Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be a disruptive technical tool with promising applications across industries. But, as a CIO, how do craft your AI strategy, identify most promising user cases, build required analytics capabilities, and embed it in the very fabric of your business to maximize business outcome?


Hem Chari, CIO, Automation & Controls from GE

Hem Chari is an executive IT leader with over 20 years experience who partners with business leaders to drive growth and revenue leveraging digital technology solutions and services. Hem makes simple of complex problems effectively, am goo... More   View all posts

Neil Arnott, SVP IS, and CIO, Traffic Tech

Neil Arnott, has an honors degree in Economics and an MBA from McGill University, He has 27 years of Transportation experience, 25 years of which is in IT. 10 years at CP Rail, and 17 years at Traffic Tech. Neil has been the CIO of Traff... More   View all posts
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