Shock of the New Normal

Shock of the New Normal

Innovation - Shock of the New Normal

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Times are getting more and more “interesting” as if we were all under that old Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times!” IT leaders are facing more complex business processes, difficult partners, underhanded and proliferating competitors, reined in by governmental regulation or threats thereof, and face a myriad of increasingly complex and untried Technologies that seem to change by the hour. Transactions are faster paced, going mobile, getting social and collaborative, and consequently fraught with more security risks and threats, internally and externally, than ever before.

Welcome to the shock of the NEW Normal.

Will the Tried and True practices of the past, still sustain a CIO today? Tune in, July 27th, to find out what CIO David Kaufman, of Aramark and CIO Nicholas Colisto of Hovnanian Enterprises have to say on whether and how Old Style IT leadership is evolving into new style business leaders who thrive on risks, love ambiguity, and cleverly leverage complexity to advantage while seated at the table as peers with their corporate business colleagues.

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