Self Service or Disservice

Self Service or Disservice

General - Self Service or Disservice

There is a new trend towards providing self service portals, kiosks, and other mechanisms to reduce ongoing customer service costs. A customer may not want to wait in line but still needs personal attention. Are the current self service technologies and solutions capable enough to provide a satisfying experience?


Esteban Kolsky, Principal Analyst and Research Director, Gartner Research

Esteban Kolsky is a Principal Analyst and Research Director in Gartner Research, where he focuses on customer relationship management (CRM), Customer Service, eService (customer service over the internet), and e-business. He coined the mode... More   View all posts

Mark Angel, Chief Technology Officer, Serviceware/Kanisa

Mark Angel is the Chief Technology Officer with ServiceWare/Kanisa. He has worked in the areas of statistics, knowledge delivery, and software development for more than two decades. Mark founded the company in 1997, and served as its CEO un... More   View all posts

Tim Eager, Chief Technology Officer, Inquira

Tim Eager is the Chief Technology Officer with InQuira, Inc., an enterprise software vendor of Intelligent Search solutions for websites and contact centers. Previously, Tim was an early executive at Answerfriend, a leading self-service sof... More   View all posts
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