Securing Our Financial Future Through IT


The financial meltdown is bringing a new discipline to the investment services industry. Cost inefficiencies and malpractice are under attack everywhere. How is IT being used by IT and business leaders to identify ways to cut costs and improve service delivery and security for average investors while preparing the industry to comply with a new regulatory environment?


Rudy Wolfs

Rudy Wolfs, Chief Customer Service & Chief Information Officer, ING Direct

Rudy Wolfs, ING DIRECT USA's Chief Customer Service Officer and Chief Information Officer, joined ING DIRECT USA in 2000. With his software development background, Rudy joined the team to develop and manage the ING DIRECT USA Technology pla... More   View all posts

William Jan

William Jan, Sr. Research Analyst, Financial Management & GRC, Aberdeen Group

William Jan brings a combination of industry experience, analytical skills, and end-user perspective to the Aberdeen Group. Prior to joining Aberdeen, he was the Senior Research Manager of Technology, Media & Telecommunications at Gerso... More   View all posts

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