Realigning IT in a downturn to get an upturn!

Realigning IT in a Downturn to Get an Upturn!

Leadership - Realigning IT in a Downturn to Get an Upturn!

Isn’t IT supposed to be strategic? If so, can an IT leader do any special realigning of IT resources to help his/her company not only survive the downturn, but be in a better position strategically once things improve, to ensure a quick return to robust topline growth?


Patricia A. Coffey, Executive Board member, SIM Advanced Practices Council member, SIM Vice President, Distribution Marketing and Enterprise Applications, Allstate Insurance Company

Patricia Coffey is Vice President of Distribution Marketing and Enterprise Applications at Allstate Insurance Company, with expertise in the creation and delivery of strategic technology solutions for the nation's largest publicly held pers... More   View all posts

Leo Collins, VP of Advocacy and Communities of Interest, SIM. CIO, Lion's Gate Entertainment

Leo Collins is the CIO of Lionsgate Entertainment, the largest independent motion picture studio, based in Santa Monica, CA. Leo began his career in entertainment when he joined the major-mini studio Artisan Entertainment in October 1998. A... More   View all posts
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