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Making The Most of The Manufacturing Value Chain

IoT - Making The Most of The Manufacturing Value Chain

The potential of the Internet of Things in the Manufacturing industry suggests that as machines and processes begin to govern themselves, every step of a product’s journey will be interconnected. No longer is manufacturing confined to the traditional production process of raw materials to the finished good. Every step from the research and development, production, route to market, consumption, and disposal of a product can and will produce data and insight in real time. Can this allow manufacturing to become an industry of innovation and profit? How are organizations envisioning making the most of this possibility, and in what all ways do they have planned?


Jim Davis, Vice Provost IT & Chief Academic Technology Officer, UCLA

Jim Davis is Vice Provost IT & Chief Academic Technology Officer – an executive leadership role with broad responsibilities focused on UCLA’s academic research and education mission but building on his past position as Associate Vic... More   View all posts

Jim Wetzel, Technical Director, Platform Center of Excellence, General Mills

Jim is currently the Technical Director –Platform Center of Excellence at General Mills Inc. He has 32 years of industry experience, starting with 6 years in the Plastics Industry and 26 years in the Food Industry with GMI. While at Gen... More   View all posts
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