Making Renewable Energy a Lasting Priority

Making Renewable Energy A Lasting Priority

Government - Making Renewable Energy A Lasting Priority

The current trend in going green is producing clean gas, finding renewables and maintaining energy efficiency. If the government seed money allocated for smart grid is any indication, a green smart grid may be the best approach to reducing your carbon footprint. But how do we know that this isn’t just another green technology bubble like solar energy? How can IT help to capitalize on these initiatives? What can we do now to ensure we will see our investments in this technology 20 years from now?


Dr. Dirk E. Mahling, CMVP, Chief Information Officer, Seattle City Light

Dirk is a technology leader with a management consulting background and over 15 years’ experience in the utility/energy management industry, managing multiple teams through software/system design to the go-live stage. He has created energ... More   View all posts
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Dr. Dirk E. Mahling, CMVP


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