IT Initiative Failures: Saving a Sinking Ship


There are numerous examples of failed IT initiatives and related analysis of why the failure happened. What can be done to proactively raise the flag? At what point, do we cut our losses vs. trying to save a sinking ship?


Jane Landon, CIO, NYC Department Of Finance, NY, NY

In January of 2007, Jane joined New York City Department of Finance, as Deputy Commissioner and CIO for the Agency. As CIO, Jane is responsible for supporting the Agency's 16 Divisions that are involved in collecting over $24 Billion in Cit... More   View all posts

Charles Hunsinger, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Corporate Express US

Charles Hunsinger joined Corporate Express in 1995 to lead design activities for multiple applications to support the national consolidation of the company's office products acquisitions. He was promoted to Director of Enterprise Applicatio... More   View all posts

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