IT: Facilitator of a collaborative budgeting process

IT: Facilitator of a Collaborative Budgeting Process

CXO - IT: Facilitator of a Collaborative Budgeting Process

The “Butterfly Effect” tells us that a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. If we accept this wisdom, then how crucial is IT budgeting, given that IT influences or affects just about every possible aspect of an organization? How can IT leaders champion and foster collaborative budgeting throughout their organizations?


Ron Kraemer, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Notre Dame University

Ronald D. Kraemer was appointed vice president and chief information officer at the University of Notre Dame in August, 2010. Before coming to Notre Dame, Kraemer was a member of the leadership team of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, ... More   View all posts

Steve Romeo, Vice President of Information Technology, Breg, Inc.

Steve Romeo is the Vice President of IT for Breg/Orthofix, a medical device manufacturer located in San Diego. Steve’s experience ranges from manufacturing IT leadership to defense information systems management. In his current role, Ste... More   View all posts
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