Can Your Health IT Deliver Patient-Centered Care?

Is your Health IT a catalyst for delivering Patient Centered Care(PCC)

Patient Centered Care requires accurate, actionable and customizable information accessible to all involved in individual’s care as well as effective integrated healthcare and wellness ecosystem. This is only possible through robust and cohesive software applications  as well as related interoperability among partners. With acquisitions and consolidations PLUS disparate business priorities and technology stack, how do we create a common ground and build a foundation for Care Coordination required by Patient Centered Care?


Mark Lantzy

Mark Lantzy, CIO, Indiana University Health

Mark Lantzy recently joined IU Health as senior vice president and CIO. In his new role, Lantzy will have overall responsibility for information services (IS), including strategic planning, operations and project delivery, for IU Health’s... More   View all posts


Sanjog Aul Welcome, listeners, this is Sanjog Aul, your host. And here is the topic for this segment. Is your Health IT a catalyst for delivering Patient Centered Care? And I have with me Mark Lantzy. Mark is the Chief Information Officer with the Indiana University Health. Hello, Mark. Thank you for joining us.  More  

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