Is Healthcare ready for the cloud?
Cloud Healthcare

Is Healthcare ready for the cloud?

Healthcare - Is Healthcare ready for the cloud?

We value Cloud computing because it offers significant scalability and cost savings, but is that motivation enough for Healthcare to move to cloud? If money were not a constraint, what would be the best roadmap? What are some of the obvious and hidden challenges that we need to overcome? What has been tried and worked (or failed) so far?


Fernando Martinez, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Jackson Health System, Miami Florida

Fernando Martinez is Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the Jackson Health System in Miami Florida. One of the largest public health systems in the country, Jackson Health System consists of 6 hospitals, 10 primary care center... More   View all posts

Sandra Palumbo, Research Fellow, The Yankee Group

Sandra Palumbo, research fellow, reports into Yankee Group's Research Council. Her research focuses on cloud computing, enterprise mobility and service provider strategies, with particular emphasis on software as a service (SaaS), mobile ap... More   View all posts

Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President, IDC Health Insights

As group vice president, Scott Lundstrom is responsible for managing IDC Health Insights' research-based advisory and consulting offerings, which provide full coverage of the health care industry value chain, including the payer, provider a... More   View all posts
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