Feeding Innovation Through Lean IT

Feeding Innovation Through Lean IT: A Case Study

Innovation - Feeding Innovation Through Lean IT: A Case Study

The expectation of IT and the CIO has risen to the point that innovation and finding value outside of operations is a necessity. IT can no longer just allow projects to keep running, but in many cases, working on new ideas to improve simply doesn’t fit the resource plan. But what if through Lean Manufacturing inspired principles, IT was able to gain some head room to invest in innovation within IT and the rest of the business? This was the idea at Steelcase, where focusing on continuous improvement meant getting the entire IT organization to adopt the vocabularly of the factory floor. So how did Steelcase’s IT create strategies to achieve those breakthrough improvements?


Bob Krestakos, VP, CIO & Americas Operations, Steelcase Inc.

Bob Krestakos is chief information officer at Steelcase Inc., the global leader in the office furniture industry. Steelcase delivers a better work experience to its customers by providing products, services and insights into the ways people... More   View all posts

Robert Hendriksen, Plant Manager, Kentwood West, Steelcase

Bob started at Steelcase fresh out of high school in 1988 working on the production line, assembling file cabinets. Over the years, Bob was given opportunities to work in a variety of Operations and Product Development roles, including Dir... More   View all posts
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