Embracing Ignorant Leadership
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Embracing Ignorant Leadership

Leadership - Embracing Ignorant Leadership

We expect leaders to be visionary, empathetic and creative. But with uncertainty in the marketplace and continuous disruption, most leaders are struggling to keep up. As a result, survival instincts are kicking in, making them fall back on their old habits thus worsening the outcome. How can leaders embrace ignorance, reset their thinking, and build new leadership muscle that’ll work in today’s times?


Steven Burrell, Vice President and Chief Information officer, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Steven Burrell’s has more than 35 years of higher education technology leadership experience holding positions at Colorado State University, Hutchinson Community College (Kansas), Plymouth State University (New Hampshire), Saint Leo U... More   View all posts

Bill Davidson, Author, Breakthrough: How Great Companies set Outrageous Objectives – and Achieve Them

Bill Davidson started his career as an academic. Before his extra-curricular activities prevailed, he served as a tenured Professor at USC from 1985 to 1996. An active researcher and writer, he was acknowledged as the most widely cited aca... More   View all posts
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