Driving Employee Relevance and Performance

Driving Employee Relevance and Performance

Leadership - Driving Employee Relevance and Performance

Business and IT world is changing rapidly and so are your organization’s workforce capability needs. Are your current training and employee development programs helping workers stay relevant and measurably improve their performance?


Michael A. Garcia, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Jackson Health System

Michael A. Garcia is the vice president and chief information officer of Jackson Health System, one of the largest public health systems in the United States. Prior to being named the chief information officer in 2012, Mr. Garcia was the c... More   View all posts

Shawn Evans, PhD, Vice President of Performance Excellence, UCHealth

Shawn Evans was named Vice President of Performance Excellence for the UCHealth System in August 2013 after serving as Vice President for Organizational Development for UCHealth, as well as other Performance Excellence and organizational de... More   View all posts


  Sanjog Aul:  Today's topic is Driving Employee Relevance and Perfomance. And our guests for what todays show Michael Garcia who is the Vice President and Chief Information Officer with Jackson Health System.   Hello Michael, how are you?   Michael: Hi, how are you Sanjog? Going grea... More  
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