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Developing and Inspiring a Shared Vision

Leadership - Developing and Inspiring a Shared Vision

Vision is the lifeblood of an organization. Having a strong vision keeps an organization moving forward and provides meaning to what each individual does every day. It helps motivate employees to deal effectively with challenges and setbacks that they face along the way. What does it take for a leader to develop a compelling vision capable of moving the company forward? How does he or she inspire others to successfully engage and share with that vision? And how does their involvement help a leader know their vision is on the right track?


Steven JHess, CIO, University of Colorado Health

Steven J Hess CIO, University of Colorado Health Steve has been working in the Healthcare IT field for over 23 years. Steve was named the Chief Information Officer of University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) in 2012. UCHealth is a C... More   View all posts
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