Cloud, Mobility, Social Networking, and Inter/National Security
Cloud Security

Cloud, Mobility, Social Networking, and Inter/National Security

Security - Cloud, Mobility, Social Networking, and Inter/National Security

As a world we’re vulnerable to malefactors with a plethora of ways to create havoc and uncertainty in our lives and businesses. On the other hand, as a world, we’ve also elected to be completely plugged in and interconnected. There’s an on-going love affair with instant connectivity to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, using any device. While we may still try to erect walls around ourselves, these walls will also have lots of windows where trouble can creep in. How do we reconcile our mania for connectivity with the desire to live in a safer world?


Patrick Heim, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Kaiser Permanente

Patrick Heim is responsible for the shared security services, policies, strategy and leadership that protect the confidentiality of Kaiser Permanente's members, patients, and workforce. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Patrick served as ... More   View all posts

Richard Dorough, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Textron

As Chief Information Security Officer, Richard is responsible for developing, maintaining and assuring continuous improvement of Textron’s Information Technology Security programs, policies and processes. This includes leadership of the ... More   View all posts

William F. Pelgrin, President and CEO, Founder and Chair, Center for Internet Security (CIS), Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

William Pelgrin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Internet Security (CIS). CIS is a non-profit enterprise that helps organizations reduce the risk of business and e-commerce disruptions resulting from inadequate... More   View all posts
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