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Big Data

Can SAP HANA Hold Up To Scrutiny?

Big Data - Can SAP HANA Hold Up To Scrutiny?

SAP HANA can help you dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, predictive analysis, and sentiment data processing – all on a single in-memory computing platform. In-memory computing is attaining a lot of hype as a new solution for organizations looking to become more agile, and SAP has been banking on their product HANA to become the new foundation of this movement. But the practical CIO will have reason to question the speed and the economics of SAP’s suite of tools in comparison to other platforms, as well as the entire in-memory database on which it is built. We ask SAP’s CTO if HANA can really hold up to such scrutiny.


Jeffrey Word, VP of Product Strategy for Databases and Technology, SAP

Jeffrey Word, Ph.D. is Vice President of Product Strategy for Databases & Technology at SAP. His newest book, Business Process Integration with SAP ERP, was released in 2013. He is also the author of the bestselling books, SAP HANA Esse... More   View all posts

Dr. Chris Nokkentved, CTO, HP Enterprise Application Services

Chris is currently working as HP Enterprise Services' global CTO for Enterprise Applications. He is working on HP’s HANA as a Servce Cloud architecture, Business Outcomes Service Mgmt, Industrial Delivery System for service- & deliver... More   View all posts
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