Building an Emotionally Intelligent IT Team
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Building an Emotionally Intelligent IT Team

Staffing - Building an Emotionally Intelligent IT Team

Much of a person’s emotional intelligence is built on their individual endeavors of self-awareness, self-assessment and self-regulation. The strongest leaders demonstrate, and are expected to contain strong emotional intelligence, but it’s less of an expectation of a leader’s team, and that leader’s behavior doesn’t necessarily trickle down. How can a leader instill a culture of “social competence” such that your team can strengthen communication, avoid conflict and engage in healthy support and collaboration? How can we make emotional intelligence part of the internal DNA?


Scott Berkey, Managing Director Former CIO, Full Peak LLC

Scot is a Partner at Media Systems Inc, is Managing Director at FullPeak, LLC, and has been an RLF Facilitator for the past 10 years helping high-potential IT leaders how to find their own authentic leadership styles and create high perfor... More   View all posts
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