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Big Data

Big Data Ethics: Privacy, Risks and Principles

Big Data - Big Data Ethics: Privacy, Risks and Principles

Big Data may be a dying buzzword, but the act of collecting and analyzing data to create new value and insights is here to stay. As data analysis practices get more sophisticated and companies are collecting, even more, data about their customers, business leaders, and decision makers calling the shots on how a company uses that data must start to weigh the moral and ethical implications associated with all that is collected and acted upon. Now is the time to define words, risks, and standards for which practices are serving the consumer and which are plain creepy. So how can leaders re-evaluate their company transparency and values as it pertains to Big Data? What universal principles can we set in stone to make data collection a morally sound endeavor?


Frank Buytendijk, Author, Research VP, Gartner

With over 20 years of dedicated experience, Frank has worked as a software implementation consultant, project manager, management consultant, strategist and business executive and industry analyst. Currently, Frank is a Research Vice Presid... More   View all posts

Kord Davis, Author, Co-Founder, Design+Strategy Forum

Kord Davis is a strategist and facilitator who helps organizations at the intersection of people and data. He is author of Ethics of Big Data (O'Reilly Media, 2012) exploring a framework for making decisions about data based on individual a... More   View all posts
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